St Ives is a small but precious destination on the Cornish coast of England, with a picturesque town clinging to the rugged cliffs around an old port. Despite its small size, it hits all the right notes for a great family holiday destination – charming cottages, award-winning eateries, blue-flag beaches, and plenty to do for the little ones.

    The town’s fascinating history particularly revolves around the fishing harbour. Modern festivals give St Ives an unexpectedly lively vibe for such a quaint old place. It still retains that uniquely English bizarreness, though – look out for the Hurling the Silver Ball custom, which sees a metal ball getting thrown from one person to the other in a chase across the town.

    What to see & do in St Ives

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    • 5 Best Things to Do in St Ives

      It’s easy to see why St Ives is one of the most popular towns to visit in Cornwall. Boasting fabulous beaches, excellent galleries, a stunning harbour and the most charming shops and restaurants, it’s a cultural haven for holidaymakers. Ideal for families and couples wanting everything they could possibly need right on their doorstep, or for adventurers looking to experience...

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