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جميع المنشآت في جزيرة سانت هيلينا, ساوث كارولاينا, الولايات المتحدة
1 غرفة، ٢ بالغون

Ocean Front, Ground Level, Completely Renovated Spring 2017

جزيرة سانت هيلينا، SC، USA

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  • This was a modern recently renovated property with practically new everything. Great flow…نوفمبر 15, 2018
  • We had an amazing week! The villa is absolutely beautiful, and the grounds are great.…أغسطس 26, 2019

Ocean Front, Ground Level, Completely Renovated Spring 2017

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Robert Brower

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  • Ocean Front Ground Level Completely Renovated Spring 2017

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أحدث التقييمات

ممتاز 9.2 من ١٦ تقييم/تقييمات

استثنائي 10.0
Great family fun!
We had a wonderful stay on Fripp Island! The condo was beautiful with wonderful upgrades. Best condo on the island!! The kids loved all the interactions with the deer. Looking forward to stay there again!
Anthony C., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Great Spring Break
Loved the condo, beach access and incredible view; perfect weather for long days on the beach with family!
Jeanne B., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
The Fripp N Stones
Loved our Vacation and the property. It is just as described. We had everything we needed and more. Spectacular location!!
Angela F., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Great condo! Great Location!
This condo was better than expected. Besides being beautiful, it was quiet and well furnished. This vacation area is so nice and the visitors are fun and respectful. The restaurants were not fully opened and very busy, but the food and locations were great. This property has it's own pool in the middle and the beach is huge.
Terry A., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Beautiful condo and perfect location!
Our stay at 405 John Fripp condo was better than great. The condo is lovely and everything you need is there. The access to the beach made it so easy to go and enjoy the sun and sand. Our week this visit was a relaxing away from all the everyday responsibilities and it truly was just that. Hard to leave. And BTW Bob was very helpful and responsive. We would be back in a minute if we could.
Brenda M., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Comfortable Newly Renovated Beach Front Property
We enjoyed our stay here as the inside had been significantly updated with ample seating, clean accommodations, and comfortable beds. Being on the ground level and beach front made for a short walk down the boardwalk to the beach. Rare find in an older community of condos. Highly recommend!
Constance T., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Great property...well maintained and nicely updated!
Our family had a wonderful time and would definitely come back here. Great waterfront location on the island and such a treat seeing all of the deer outside the unit.
Jennifer D., usرحلة من نوع آخر
جيد 6.0
Bugs and squeaks
There was an appliance or something that beeped the entire week. We could not determine where it came from. We did not request assistance as we did not want to be bothered with scheduling a service call and interrupting our vacation. The main complaint was that there were bugs everywhere in the kitchen. Drawers, cabinets, countertops. We did not want to be there after fumigating so we just lived with it. The bedrooms were furnished comfortably but the metal barstools in the kitchen squeaked and were not comfortable and two of the chairs in the living area were also uncomfortable and awkward to sit in. In a nutshell, we would not choose this unit again if others were available.
Allen G., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Fripp Island is the best!!
We had a wonderful time on Fripp Island. The condo is just beautiful and looks just like the pictures. The owner was friendly and very helpful with our every need. We would stay here again in a heartbeat!!
MICHAEL Z., usرحلة من نوع آخر
ضعيف 2.0
Roach infested
I was excited about going to this location for my first visit. Once arriving to my beautifully renovated villa, my husband and I were unpacking our groceries we brought. The first thing I had to do was try to kill a roach that ran into the microwave. I thought that was a little unusual, but okay, I began unpacking again. I opened the cabinet and those creatures just scattered. Oh my goodness!!! How gross is that, right?! We were unpacking our clothes and we had to empty out the sand-filled drawers and wipe those down with Clorox wipes. I looked at the bed linens, the pillow cases were not clean.... good thing we brought our own pillows. It was so late at night when we finally finished cleaning everything with Clorox wipes, so I didn’t try to bother the property owner or property manager. I told my husband to PLEASE wash any cups and wash out the coffee maker before making any coffee the next morning. The next morning my husband said he killed so many roaches that he had stopped counting them. How disgusting!! We drove 7 hours to be faced with this! I emailed the property owner about the roaches and said to please send someone immediately to spray for roaches. I also called the property manager and told him about the roach infested problem. He came over and sprayed on the floor in the kitchen and living room area. He said the real exterminator will be there Monday. Well, Monday morning the “real exterminator”, Tammy came to spray. She said she has been trying for YEARS to get a key to exterminate this villa but was never given access to the villa. My sister and her husband was coming to stay with us and upon their arrival they found exactly same things wrong in their bedroom.. sand in drawers, filthy bed linen, bathroom trash can had trash left in it. Oh, we also found in the living room stuff (a ball and candy wrappers) on the floor left from previous renters. And I’m sure I’m leaving something out! Can this get any better? Well, it sure can! I emailed the property owner about all of our findings in the villa and he writes to me, I’ll give you the cleaning fee back but had I known this Saturday I could have sent the cleaning crew out to clean but now you’ve been there for this long I can’t! Really! Is this how you treat your customers?? Well this property owner does!! We all left a day early. I have pictures of all of everything I am saying and I have videos of roaches crawling around. If anyone have the stomach to view them.
Kathy B., usرحلة من نوع آخر

Ocean Front, Ground Level, Completely Renovated Spring 2017