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Discounted Brand New Listing: The Oldshop Carriage House, private yard, Denver.

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وايت ريدج, CO, الولايات المتحدة
  • Excellent stay. Clean and beautifully decorated! Close to downtown Denver.

    أبريل 5, 2021

  • Stay was really great comfy beds clean sheets the whole property was clean. A few things…

    سبتمبر 17, 2019

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  • Arvada Ridge Station - 6 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • محطة دينفر يونيون - 17 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • محطة 61 آند بينا - 26 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
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وايت ريدج, CO, الولايات المتحدة


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  • أجل. المطاعم القريبة تتضمن Right Coast Pizza (5 من الدقائق سيرًا) وSunrise Sunset (8 من الدقائق سيرًا) وThe Bardo Coffee House on W 38th Ave. (11 من الدقائق سيرًا).
  • 10.0.استثنائي


    It’s $dollar ride on lift to Red rocks!!!!!!!!

    Joelle H., رحلة من نوع آخر, يونيو 13, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 8.0.جيد جدًا

    Nice clean modern house, a couple flaws

    The carriage house was very clean, sleek, and well appointed. Internet wifi worked great, and the living room is comfortable. Overall I enjoyed my stay. One thing I did not like was the doorway arch between the two bedrooms. The open doorway has a sliding "barn style" door, which looks cool, but has a 2 inch air gap all the way around. So there is no audio privacy. Keep this in mind depending on who you are staying with. The other is the high bunk bed. I don't think this is really usable at all. There is not more than 18 or 20" between the mattress and the ceiling. No adult would want to sleep there (I'm not sure a kid would either, or if it would be safe), although the bottom bunk is just fine. Owner was in good communication and would still recommend this property as long as the open bedroom doorway doesn't bother you (and you don't need use of the top bunkbed). There was also a cool looking wood burning stove I didn't make use of, but might be nice in the winter.

    Alex C., رحلة من نوع آخر, سبتمبر 25, 2019

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Clean and cozy modern place

    The place was very clean, modern and had everything you could want. It was hot out so the AC worked super well and we took advantage of the hammocks in the evening which was very relaxing. Because of COVID nothing was open but if they were it would have been a cool neighborhood to explore.

    Mallory B., رحلة من نوع آخر, يونيو 8, 2020

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Great place

    This property is a cool looking, modern place. All updated appliances. Very clean.

    Lisa H., رحلة من نوع آخر, يونيو 21, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Very nice space

    Was very comfortable and nice vibe. Thought we'd be able to enjoy the door up and hammocks but rain and cold and a sprinkle of snow in early may resulted in us getting to know the wood burning stove. Took awhile to figure out heater and slow to warm up, but was warned about this and to use stove. Beautiful kitchen but not all things we needed ... but we like to cook. Will make suggestions to owner. Would recommend. Top bunk appeared not very functional as stated.

    D H., رحلة من نوع آخر, مايو 26, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Funky garage apartment in a great neighborhood

    We feel we lucked out in our find of the old garage rental. It’s funky and it used to be a garage, but it’s warm and cozy and easy and private. It’s also the perfect place for Socially distancing with friends with the garage door open you’ve got lots of ventilation and a large picnic table outside. Tons of great restaurants within walking distance. Make sure to get a cinnamon roll with breakfast at the Chalet. The owners were super friendly and responsive to text questions. Would recommend for a couple or small family.

    Jo Dee P., رحلة من نوع آخر, سبتمبر 9, 2020

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Was a nice little spot

    Was a nice property close to Denver and etc

    Ivan L., رحلة من نوع آخر, مايو 21, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Absolute best first Vrbo Experience!

    You get what the pictures showcase! Location, Space, Amenities all make it a spectacular bundle and a perfect stay for family and friends, It was my first experience all together with Vrbo and the owner was as helpful as I imagined with such great manners to my friends. Thank you for making our decision one in a million! 10/10 would come back for another memorable experience.

    Jonathan D., رحلة من نوع آخر, نوفمبر 26, 2020

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Convenient, clean, comfortable

    We enjoyed our sleep here for just our last night after a full week adventuring West of Denver! Convenient to the airport, clean, good beds, comfortable… thank you

    Elizabeth J., رحلة من نوع آخر, يوليو 21, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

  • 10.0.استثنائي

    Garage goals

    This magical VRBO find was such a fantastic addition to our trip! Thank you for a wonderful stay in such a cute place

    Shanlee W., رحلة من نوع آخر, أغسطس 21, 2021

    تقييم فعلي لأحد نزلاء Vrbo

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