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روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق

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2323 NE 181st AvenueبورتلاندOR97230الولايات المتحدة، رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى
ضمان السعرضمان تقديم أفضل سعر على حجوزات الفنادق. إذا وجدت سعرًا أفضل للإقامة نفسها في مكان آخر، فسوف نقوم بمطابقته من أجلك، أو نقدم لك قسيمة. انقر أدناه للتفاصيل.
2.0 / 5
حمام سباحة
مسبح عادي
القيمة مقابل المال
قيمة مناسبة للنقود
مستوى النظافة
Could use a good cleaning
وسائل الراحة
Amenities are not the best
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  • بورتلاند, أوريغون (PDX - مطار بورتلاند الدولي) 13 دقيقة بالسيارة; 8.9 ميل/14.3 كلم
  • Portland Union Station على بعد 18 دقيقة بالسيارة; 12.2 أميال/19.6 كلم
  • East 181st Avenue Station على بعد 27 دقيقة سيرًا; 1.3 ميل/2.1 كلم
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روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق

معلومات الفندق: رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى

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  • غرفة مزدوجة عادية - سرير ان مزدوجان - لغير المدخنين

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2.0 /5 from 193 reviews

روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
Get what you pay for, terrible place
My room was dirty (crumbs in the bed sheets) and the only thing that looked half way good was the carpet. The room has not been remodeled/upgraded probably at least 20 years ago. Paint was in bad condition on the walls plus old nail holes throughout the rooms walls. Furniture was in bad condition, and the list goes on. Bathroom door was in really bad condition and the smell in the room was really bad.
رحلة لمدة 1 ليلة
روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
Action Requested : Rude Uncleaned hazardous rooms
The service was pathetic rude, threatening, racist somewhere, stinky, had to clean someone else biohazard (sorry for the language but I really did it). They first gave me a room # 120 a non smoking room, which smelled like a cat and a dog had urinated and died there and they were not picked up, and also smelled like someone had smoked there before ten minutes and the toilets didn't work. So I requested them to give me a better room The second room which they gave me was room #126 the second room they gave the toilet didn't work and the towels were not cleaned, and stinked of urine. I requested them to either clean the room get the toilets up and running or give me a better room. Out of no other option and feeling threatened they gave me a room number 114 or 112 or 116 which, now the room here was a little bit clean and but the washroom was dirty and they didn't even clean the washroom.they gave me cleaning supplies to clean the room. No breakfast available after 8 -8:30 am. This harassment doesn't end there, in the morning I requested the reception to please get the room cleaned and get fresh new towels, the housekeeping person was also present she told will do it.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 2 ليلة
روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
Sucky inn
The hotel has so much to improve on. We stayed there for 3 days. The last 2 days we didn't get housekeeping. The first time they missed it I told the lobby to make sure we get housekeeping, I even heard the receptionist talking to housekeeping to make sure it gets done. It was never done. Every night when we come back to our room, the key did not work. We have to go to the lobby to have it reset. The last night we were there the machine that resets the keys broke down. Also, they ran out of bath towels. On the second day, we saw a police officer asking camera footage from the lobby because something happened at the parking lot. The bathroom curtain has molds. The wall paper is falling off. This is the worst inn I have ever been into. The price wasn't an advantage or special either. It was in its range. Check in at your own risk.
4رحلة لمدة ليلة مع الأصدقاء
روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
When we checked in we were assigned to room 111.We walked in and the room smelled really bad. It was yellow with missing picture outlines above the bed.We immediately called the front desk to move to another room.So they gave us room 319.The room smelled better but my wife strated looking around and the first thing she found was a glob of what we think was lotion on the bathroom counter.There was no toilet paper on the roll.We continued our servey and pulled back the bedding where we found a yellow stain on the sheet. we again called the front desk, the ladies came to the room and we showed them the problem areas we found thus far.They came and cleaned the room after we left for dinner.When we came back those issues were resolved.Our second night in the same room with better lighting we looked around a little harder.There were sunflower seeds on the floor (we did not eat those) along the side of the air conditioner we could only discribe it as blood spots down the side.And the other bed there was some kind of dried fluid up the head board and along the picture above the bed.As we checked out i showed the housekeeper and she just shrugged her shoulders and we back to her cart.I went down to the front desk to voice my concerns on how unsanitary the rooms were and all she could say is they will be in the process of remodling soon.The employees here do not take pride in the work they do or in themselves. DO NOT STAY HERE.
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 2 ليلة
روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق
ممتاز4.0 / 5
Check in woman was rude. Had to have room key card charged every day
رحلة عمل لمدة 8 ليلة

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روديواي إن آند سويتس - بورتلاند - فندق

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