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فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق

3 نجمة/نجوم3 نجمة/نجوم
449 West 36th Street, Midtown WestنيويوركNY10018الولايات المتحدة، رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى
ضمان السعرضمان السعر على حجوزات الفنادق. إذا وجدت سعرًا أفضل للإقامة نفسها تماما، سنقوم إمّا بمطابقته، أو بتقديم قسيمة لك. أنقر أدناه للتفاصيل.
جيد3.6 / 5
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فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق

معلومات الفندق: رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى

من $76
  • غرفة مزدوجة
  • غرفة عادية - سرير ملكي
  • غرفة - سرير كبير - تجهيزات لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة - لغير المدخنين
  • غرفة مزدوجة عادية - سرير ان مزدوجان
  • غرفة مزدوجة عادية - سرير ملكي
  • بمكيف (Lead In Room)
  • غرفة مزدوجة في المدينة - سرير ان مزدوجان
  • غرفة عادية - سريران كبيران - لغير المدخنين

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  • طاقم عمل يتحدث عدة لغات
  • مصعد
  • تلفاز في الأماكن العامة
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  • ماكينة تحضير القهوة/الشاي
  • مكواة/طاولة الكي
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  • قنوات فضائية
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  • مكتب
  • واي فاي مجانًا
  • مكالمات محلية مجانية
الطعام والشراب
  • مياه معدنية مجانًا
  • تنظيف الغرف يوميًا
  • خزانة داخل الغرفة

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جيد 3.6 /5 from 186 reviews

فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق
ممتاز4.0 / 5
Good place
رحلة عمل لمدة 3 ليلة
فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق
جيد3.0 / 5
The room was small but fine. The only problem was the bathroom flooding overnight from the ceiling vent. They didn't seem very surprised.
رحلة لمدة 1 ليلة
فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق
رائع5.0 / 5
36 Hudson Hotel
The hotel was great, just the neighborhood didn't have a lot places to go and restaurants. But, for convenience to The Jarvitts Center it was great.
3رحلة لمدة ليلة مع الأصدقاء
فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
Avoid if you want a stress free stay
We got there and within 10 minutes someone with a keycard tried to enter our room and ran away before I could identify them, although the voice sounded like the lady who checked us in. Then an hour later it happened again. Toilet was leaking which caused my fiancee to slip. Ordered an extended stay so that she could relax and feel better only to have the hotel staff say that we'd have to leave our current hotel and then go to a different one which would completely defeat the purpose. I asked for a refund and we will go elsewhere. Then they said I could talk to the manager and they'd call her. So I wait. And wait. After about an hour in the lobby I ask when the manager is going to show up. They say 10:30... it was 8am when they called her!!! At that moment I had enough. Went back to the room and slept in since the trip was ruined from their nonsense. We wake up and the fiancee was feeling a little better so we go out to dinner. Front desk stops us and says we have to sign some waiver or we'll be locked out of our hotel room and the keycards have already been shut off-even though we paid. I tell them I'm not signing anything and demand my key to work. All of a sudden she can give me a key. The next day I ask for a receipt and they say I'd have to wait again. Stay away from this place if you want a relaxing stay.
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 1 ليلة
فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
2nd worst stay ever in NYC
The only stay that I've had worse in 25 years was when I got bed bug bites a time square hotel 8 years ago. Problems started within 10 minutes of being in our room. 2 different people who opened the door with a keycard(obviously employees) tried sneaking in our room and quickly backed out when they saw we were in the room. The toilet was leaking water and my fiancée slipped and fell. I reluctantly signed up for another day just so she could rest since it happened late at night. After dealing with that nonsense they then try to say that we have to leave our room and go to another room. I tell them that I only extended the stay to allow my fiancée to rest and if she has to get up and leave for a bit it's a waste of money and I want a refund. They then stumble around and say they called the manager and she'll talk with me. So I wait in the lobby and outside for nearly an hour. Finally say something. Without a care the front desk says that the manger wouldn't be in for another hour and a half?! T this point I was furious. Went up and went to sleep. Woke up and she felt a little better so we went out to get a lateinner. We then get stopped by the front desk who said we would be locked out of our room if we don't sign a piece of paper?!?! I said I'd review it when we got back. Returned from dinner and a new person was on who was much nicer- but we asked for toilet paper and tissues and never received them. Check out Friday morning and they wouldn't give me a receipt. Never again.
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 2 ليلة

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فندق هدسون 36 - نيويورك - فندق

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