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جميع المنشآت في مكسيكالي، باجا كاليفورنيا نورت، المكسيك
1 غرفة، ٢ بالغون

سيتي إكسبريس ميكسيكالي

٢٫٥ نجمة٢٫٥ نجوم
Blvd. Benito Juárez No. 1342، Fracc. Jardines del Valle، مكسيكالي، 21000، BC، MEX

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سيتي إكسبريس ميكسيكالي

من $55
  • غرفة عادية - سرير كبير
  • غرفة عادية - سريران مزدوجان

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المعالم السياحية

  • أرينيا كازينو - 27 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • ملعب أجيلاس دي ماكسيكالي - 30 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • يو إيه بي سي معهد الدراسات الثقافية - 36 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • متحف الأطفال في سول - 38 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • متنزه فيسينتي جويريرو - 38 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • ساحة توروس كالافيا - 39 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • المسرح الحكومى - ٢٫٣ ميل / ٣٫٨ كم
  • ساحة لا كاشانيلا التجارية - ٢٫٤ ميل / ٣٫٩ كم

وسائل المواصلات القريبة

  • مكسيكالي, باجا كاليفورنيا نورت (MXL - مطار الجنرال رودولفو سانشيز تابوادا الدولي) - 20 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • إل·سنترو, كاليفورنيا (IPL - مقاطعة إمبيريال) - 34 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة

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منشأة سياحية صديقة للبيئة
تشارك هذه المنشأة في برنامج Biosphere Hotels، والمصمم لقياس مدى تأثير المنشأة السياحية على واحد أو أكثر مما يلي: البيئة والمجتمع والتراث الثقافي والاقتصاد المحلي.

التقييمات الأكثر فائدةصُنّفت التقييمات استنادًا إلى ما وجده العملاء أكثر فائدة ووفقًا لتوصياتنا

جيد ٧٫٨ من ٣٥٦ تقييم/تقييمات

متوسط ٤٫٠
It is better to pay on Expedia as the rate will significantly increase once you arrive at the property, I understand that rates may change but there had to be a better explanation as to why. They told me that it was because the expedia price was before taxes. Since there were no more rooms at available at the hotel we normally stay at we did not argue. Not only that but when we were trying to get ready there was no water whatsoever and when we tried calling the reception desk the phone was not working. I had to use my own cellphone to let them know there was no water. I told them about the issue with the water and they said they had someone working on that. I also mentioned that the phone was not working and the receptionist simply said she’ll make a note of it. The breakfast area was okay, but they need to be constantly cleaning the tables. People are messy and there is no one there wiping the tables down. The night before checkout we discover a small cockroach, and once we left in the morning the next day we saw a medium size roach. This place may look like it nice but in all honesty it was not!
usرحلة عائلية
ضعيف ٢٫٠
Horrible, from check in to check out. First, the desk attendant didnt even direct us to the elevator, he just let us walk aimlessly about, lights were out in the hallway, their first thought was to accuse us of not knowing the difference between having sunglasses on or off!! Of course we didnt have them on, its dark because the lights are out!!! No ice buckets, they ran out, no facial tissue, they ran out, rooms smelled of poop, NO HOT WATER, bugs in the shower, our door only closed when we pulled/pushed it shut. The noise was ridiculous, u have hear above neighbor wore heels all hours of the night on wood floors, noisy neighbors next door This was an awful hotel, I thought i did my research, i was very mis lead... this is not worth half a star.
MJ, usرحلة عائلية
جيد جدًا ٨٫٠
If you don’t speak Spanish don’t stay here.
Check-in time was at 3pm. I arrived at the hotel at 5pm. The main attendant did not speak English, which was not a problem because there was a trainee who spoke English. He told me that I had to wait until my room was ready. While I was waiting they checked in 4 other people who spoke Spanish. When I tried to talk to the main attendant he looked at me like he was disgusted. After I complained a few more times they finally checked me in. The trainee was polite, but the main attendant needs to stay away from customer service.
Heath, usرحلة من نوع آخر
جيد جدًا ٨٫٠
Great location
Very good hotel for the price, not a 4 star hotel but for the price it is a great value. Not very busy so it was a quiet night. Room is perty basic nothing fancy, no mini fridge or ice bucket.Bed was comfortable, only two pillows for a queen size bed. Shower head small not a full stream of water and water goes from hot to cold to really hot often. Free breakfast was nice, they have more then hard boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs, beans tortilla chips and salsa to make your own chilaquiles, fruit, cereal, sweet bread, everything to make ham sandwiches, fresh orange juice and other things. Plenty of good restaurants within walking distance. Overall a good place, would stay here again.
Sergio, usرحلة من نوع آخر
جيد جدًا ٨٫٠
We had a comfortable stay. Easy check in and out. Room was clean. Ironing board Is small and I had some trouble ironing a dress. Parking lot was full late at night, but security was able to find a spot for our car.
lola, usرحلة من نوع آخر

سيتي إكسبريس ميكسيكالي

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