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جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق

4 نجمة/نجوم
Grettisgata 51ريكيافيك101أيسلندا، ‏رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى
ضمان تقديم أفضل سعرضمان تقديم أفضل سعر على حجوزات الفنادق. إذا وجدت سعرًا أفضل للإقامة نفسها في مكان آخر، فسوف نقوم بمطابقته من أجلك، أو نقدم لك قسيمة. انقر أدناه للتفاصيل.
ممتاز4.4 / 5
  • Quiet, safe, clean, great location. Some noise from other apartments (people moving…أغس 1, 2016
  • Great place to stay. Close to city square and not too far from bus station. Highly…يول 27, 2016
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جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق

معلومات الفندق: رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى

من $354
  • Standard Apartment, 4 Adults
  • شقة سوبيريور - غرفة نوم واحدة - بشرفة
  • شقة إستديو عادية
  • شقة عائلية - ٤ غرف نوم
  • Standard Apartment, 1 Bedroom, 2 adults

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  • وقت إنهاء إجراءات مغادرة الفندق: 2:00 PM-11:00 AM
  • وقت تسجيل المغادرة هو: 11:00 AM

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  • مطلوب هوية حكومية تحتوي على صورة

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  • ملعب غولف قريب
  • مساعدة في حجز التذاكر أو الجولات
  • تجهيزات غسيل
  • تخزين الأمتعة

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  • ماكينة تحضير القهوة/الشاي
  • مكواة/لوح كي (حسب الطلب)
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  • تلفزيون بشاشة مسطحة 32 بوصة
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  • واي فاي مجانًا
الطعام والشراب
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  • ميكروويف
  • مطبخ
  • موقد مسطح
  • أدوات وتجهيزات طهي وأواني للمائدة
  • غسالة أطباق

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ممتاز 4.4 /5 from 150 reviews

جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق
جيد3.0 / 5
Decent apartment, close to Reykjavik main square
Decent apartment to stay for a week in Reykjavik. The apartment is practically on the main street in the city, and is a block away from all restaurants and bars. The main street (Laugavegur) sees a lot of tourism, the neighborhood is fairly safe. Parking is on the street and is paid depending on the timing. We did not have much trouble finding parking.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 7 ليالٍ
جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق
متوسط2.0 / 5
Very disappointed.
Advertised as comfortable for 4 persons. With luggage we could not move. Did not receive the e-mail telling us how to get in, etc. Must have been sent after we already left US and went to spam. When we finally figured out how to get the key it was listed as #4 apartment but key opened #2. Still not certain we were in the right place. Overall dirty with dead spiders. Too dusty underneath beds to store suitcases. Luckily we were there on weekend so parking turned out ok, but if we were there on weekday would have been quite tricky. Should have been told about this ahead of time. Loved the country and the city and once we got used to the situation and since we were not in the apartment all that much it was doable but by far the worse accommodations we had in Iceland in a 9 day trip.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 2 ليلة
جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق
ممتاز4.0 / 5
Centrally located and immaculate!
Basically a small two room efficiency apartment (as we would say in the US). Centrally located. Easy walk to main shopping streets and Reykjavik sites. No staff on site but received emails with good instructions on how to find our key and let ourselves in. The apartment also had a binder of all the useful information you could want. Free wifi and satellite tv. While channel surfing we ran across three adult chat channels featuring naked women so parents be vigilant. Probably a great vacation memory for our teenage son. Bed in main bedroom (two twins pushed together) was super comfortable and the second bed in the kitchen/dining room/main room was a futon that was fairly comfortable. Plenty of bedding and towels supplied. Apartment was very clean. Both of the two major tour bus companies and airport shuttle do pickups and drop offs here. It's a small place (we had apt #4) but for sleeping and showering it was just fine. Separate laundry room on site. Can be a little noisy when other guests come and go in the middle of the night but Reykjavik in the summer is known for early and late arrivals due to the flight schedules so you make due. We would stay here again.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 2 ليلة
جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق
رائع5.0 / 5
Combined business and vacation. Not inexpensive but nothing in Iceland is inexpensive for Americans. Nice quiet residential neighborhood just two blocks of the main shopping street. Excellent location for tourists: an easy walk to all the tourist activities in the historic downtown Reykjavik area. Full service kitchen. Supermarket is 2 blocks away. Excellent blackout drapes to keep out midnight sunlight in the summer. Free use of washer and dryer. Airport shuttles drop off/pick up directly to address.
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 5 ليالٍ
جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق
رائع5.0 / 5
Overnight stay in Reykjavik
Our family stayed overnight in the Grettisborg Apartments Reykjavik. We received excellent detailed communications ahead of our arrival directly from the owner. The rooms are very comfortable with everything a family would need. Excellent location if you want to explore Reykjavik. Highly recommended!
رحلة عائلية لمدة 1 ليلة

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جريتيسبورج آبارتمينتس - ريكيافيك - فندق

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