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لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق

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Forest RoadفورستGuernseyGY8 0AHالمملكة المتحدة، رقم المملكة العربية السعودية ٨٠٠٨٤٤٦٢٠٣ - للأرقام الأخرى
ضمان السعرضمان السعر على حجوزات الفنادق. إذا وجدت سعرًا أفضل للإقامة نفسها تماما، سنقوم إمّا بمطابقته، أو بتقديم قسيمة لك. أنقر أدناه للتفاصيل.
جيد3.4 / 5
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لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق

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من $61
  • غرفة عادية فردية - بحمام داخل الغرفة
  • غرفة عادية ثلاثية - بحمام داخل الغرفة
  • غرفة اقتصادية مزدوجة - بحمام داخل الغرفة
  • غرفة مزدوجة عادية
  • غرفة مزدوجة عادية - بحمام داخل الغرفة
  • غرفة عادية فردية
  • غرفة سوبيريور مزدوجة أو بسريرين منفصلين - بحمام داخل الغرفة
  • غرفة سوبيريور مزدوجة أو بسريرين منفصلين
  • Triple Room
  • غرفة اقتصادية مزدوجة

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  • وقت إنهاء إجراءات مغادرة الفندق: 2:00 PM-9:00 PM
  • وقت تسجيل المغادرة هو: 10:00 AM

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اسم الشهرة

  • Le Chene Forest
  • Le Chene Hotel Forest
  • Chene Hotel Forest
  • Chene Forest
  • Le Chene Guernsey

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  • عدد المباني/الأبراج - 2
  • سنة التشييد 1842
  • حديقة
  • مكتبة

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  • تنظيف الغرف يوميًا

الشروط الدقيقة لفندق لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق

اسم الشهرة

  • Le Chene Forest
  • Le Chene Hotel Forest
  • Chene Hotel Forest
  • Chene Forest
  • Le Chene Guernsey

رسوم إجبارية

مبلغ تأمين: 20 جنيه إسترليني في الليلة

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جيد 3.4 /5 from 38 reviews

لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق
ضعيف1.0 / 5
Guernsey stay
Poor quality cleaning. Room needs redecorating. Dirty bathroom with a cracked sink. No help with luggage to third floor, no lift and we are in our sixties. Had to ask several times for shower gel to be replenished.
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 7 ليالٍ
لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق
رائع5.0 / 5
Excellent! Better than the photos
There was a total of five and a guide dog in our group and we stayed for 4 nights. The hotel looks small in the photos but it is bigger than expected. It was easy to get to from the ferry port all say they close to the airport. The whole island of Guernsey is very small so location wise everything is within easy reach. Our room was a reasonable size with a very large beds , we have a view overlooking the back garden. The hotel will come and dogs which is A bonus for our guide dog Who was made to feel welcome and she loved the attention from both staff and the guess. We would like to say thank you to our waitress Camilla for being patient with us doing our breakfast and dinner service - A couple of people in our group had A LOT of questions regarding food ingredients, EVERY EVENING, Camilla was very professional and friendly, she did her best to try and explain, The chef was also very accommodating with the special requests. We ate in their restaurant every evening the food was freshly prepared and was to dishes with something different on the menu every day . The garden area was excellent for our dog, it was well maintained and clear . Overall the hotel was far better than my expectations before arrival and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the small family feel.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 4 ليلة
لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق
رائع5.0 / 5
Comfortable stay
Always a pleasure to stay here. Staff are friendly and helpful.Room was a good size and comfortable. The local bus takes about 15 min to get to St Peter Port.
رحلة عائلية لمدة 2 ليلة
لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق
جيد3.0 / 5
Nice hotel convient for the Airport
Hotel staff where very friendly, hotel is a little tired looing and could do with updating.
رحلة عمل لمدة 1 ليلة
لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق
جيد3.0 / 5
almost fawlty towers
booked here for 3 nights price very reasonable, checked in at 2.30 ,room was not ready ,cleaning staff complained the receptionist knew this and we abrupt. we booked a superior room so we had a bit more space.tea /coffee making facilities were there so we used them , never got to use them again as the teapot was never emptied and had day ones teabag still in it when we left, yet cups had been washed no attention to detail,mini bar prices same as the downstairs bar so that okay wifi poor even in lounge doesnt work in the rooms but we were told about this,booked a table for dinner on day 2 owner said he wouldbook us a table in the conservatory we got plonked in the dining room menu was the same in bar as resturant basic menu,plenty of other places to eat on island that are better, staff in dinig room slow to serve. brekfast is fine plenty of choice but i had to wait 25 minutes for it to arrive,its run down and run on a budget if you want a drink in the afternoon you have to go to reception to get it a gentleman also staying here asked if they had got any crisps the girl on reception said no but she could get him a biscuit?great with lager ,they say you get what you pay for , our bed was only pulled over pillows were as we left them .didnt use the pool as it was shut there is a sauna and bike hire here ,its all a bit of a jumble cant recommend it
رحلة رومانسية لمدة 3 ليلة

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لو تشين هوتل - فورست - فندق

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