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كرينيس أبارتمنتس

٤ نجوم٤ نجوم
Stratigou Griva 9، Rhodes Town، رودس، 85100، GRC

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  • The room is well furnished and decorated. Everything is in excellent consition. It…أكتوبر 10, 2018
  • The Krinis apartments were excellent. Centrally located, close to Old Town, and beaches.…سبتمبر 24, 2018
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كرينيس أبارتمنتس

من $81
  • إستديو ديلوكس - سرير مزدوج
  • إستديو ديلوكس - سريران فرديان
  • إستديو ديلوكس (Large)
  • إستديو ديلوكس - 3 أسرّة فردية (Large)
  • شقة ديلوكس - غرفة نوم واحدة

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  • رائع للتصفّح واستخدام البريد الإلكتروني وتشغيل الألعاب والمحادثة عبر الفيديو

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اسم الشهرة

  • Krinis Apartments Apartment Rhodes
  • Krinis Apartments Apartment
  • Krinis Apartments Rhodes
  • Krinis Apartments Rhodes Greece

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  • رسوم السياحة: 1 يورو لكل غرفة في الليلة

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فطور أوروبي مقابل تكلفة إضافية وقدرها 8.5 يورو للفرد (تقريبًا)

لقد أدرجنا كل الرسوم التي زوّدتنا بها هذه المنشأة السياحية. غير أنّ الرسوم قد تتفاوت حسب طول فترة الإقامة أو الوحدة التي تقوم بحجزها على سبيل المثال.

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استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Fabulous accommodation and location.
We had a brief overnight in Rhodes and chose to stay at the Krinis Apartments. Our only disappointment was that we weren’t staying longer. The hosts were fabulous - very friendly with perfect English. Meeting us for our late arrival and helping us to our room with our many bags. The room was fantastic. Big and spacious, plenty of room for our luggage. Recently built (or maybe renovated) everything was clean and new and well designed. There was a coffee machine and a full size fridge which they had stocked with water and iced tea. We also asked for a travel adapter and they appeared with 4. The wifi was complimentary and worked well which kept the teenagers happy. . Out teenagers we’re tired somdidmt want to go out but we wanted to soak up the atmosphere. Even though it was late there was plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance open still open for us to have a quick drink and a bite to eat before bed. Unfortunately we had to leave the next morning for our next destination however if we return to Rhodes we will definitely choose to stay at the Krinis Apartments. Highly recommend the apartments and the location.
Zoe, auرحلة عائلية
استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Great accommodation, locaton and service
This accommodation  is absolutely fantastic. We were greeted by the owner and his partner, Vangelis and Anna and they could not have been any friendlier, an absolute delight. The room we had was spotless with clean lines and a very modern feel to it. Some lovppely design touches and all the essentials you would need .The apartment  is situated in a vibrant area but the room was lovely and quiet at night time, just what we wanted. It was a shame we were only in Rhodes for the one night before our transfer however in view of these apartments we have decided to extend our holiday next year to take full advantage of it. We had had so many disappointing overnight stays organised by Olympic Holiday whilst waiting for our ferry to Symi that we now organise our own.  To be fair we didn't arrange a good choice ourselves last year which shows how much bad accomadation there is in Rhodes. The other reviews of these apartments do not over exaggerate how good they are. Fully deserved 5 stars
Mick D, gbرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Outstanding hotel, amazing service
Very nice breakfast, unbelievable service, very comfortable. 10min. walk to city center, 15 min. walk to the old city, 5 min. walk to the beach. Owners do their utmost to answer your needs.
Dan, ilرحلة رومانسية لمدة ٣ ليلة
استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Clean and friendly
Very warm owners welcomed us. The room was immaculate and thoughtful in the facilities offered. The only downside was an uncomfortable mattress.
Sybella, gbرحلة رومانسية لمدة ١ ليلة
استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Best apartments in Rhodes
Wonderful facility. Very neat, clean and modern rooms. Excellent breakfast every morning. Evangelos and his staff could not do enough to make our stay enjoyable. Great location, with restaurants, shops and the castle all within a short walking distance. We highly recommend Krinis if you are visiting Rhodes. You will not be disappointed.
Stephen, usرحلة رومانسية لمدة ٧ ليالٍ

كرينيس أبارتمنتس

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