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أولد بورت سويتس باي هوم تروتنج

٣٫٥ نجمة٣٫٥ نجوم
888 Rue Saint-Francois Xavier، مونتريال، H2Y 0A8، QC، CAN

شقة بمرافق مريحة مع مدفأة بالقرب من قصر مونريال للمؤتمرات
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  • Bright and spacious apartment in a perfect location in Old Montreal - a block from Place…أكتوبر 17, 2019
  • We reserved a two bedroom at the property. It was the last week of July. The AC system…أغسطس 7, 2019

أولد بورت سويتس باي هوم تروتنج

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  • في أولد مونتريال
  • قصر مونريال للمؤتمرات - 2 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • كنيسة نوتردام - 4 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • مركز ذي أندرجراوند سيتي للتسوق - 5 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • الميناء القديم - 7 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • شارع سانت - كاثرين - 10 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • ميناء مونتريال القديم - 11 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • مركز بيل - 15 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا

وسائل المواصلات القريبة

  • مونتريال، كيبيك (YUL - مطار بيير إليوت ترودو الدولي) - 17 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • مونتريال، كيبيك (YHU - سانت هوبير) - 23 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • محطة مونتريال المركزية - 12 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • محطة مونتريال لوسيه لوآلير - 19 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • محطة مونتريال فندوم - 15 دقيقة/دقائق بالسيارة
  • محطة بلايس دا أرم - 3 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • محطة سكوير فيكتوريا - 6 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا
  • محطة شامب دو مارس - 9 دقيقة/دقائق سيرا

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ضعيف ٢٫٠
Terrible rental company terrible customer service.
The A/C was out in the unit and they knew it and never said anything. Tried to call 5 times and walked to the rental office but no one ever responded. When I got back from walking to their office there was a repair man in the unit. How did he know to come if I never got to report it? Their voice mail was broken and would not let me leave a message. Also the keycard from the gym was not in the unit as they said. I asked for it 3 times and they kept saying they would bring and never did. Awful customer service.
Donna, usرحلة عائلية لمدة ٢ ليلة
جيد ٦٫٠
Horrible service- stay in a hotel instead
So I booked this place so we could have a little more room and have some amenities like a washer dryer available in the middle of our trip. We were made to check in an hour late. Then parking was never offered when we reserved so we spent a TON on parking down the block in a garage that had no in/out privileges. The washer / dryer was broken. They said someone could come look at it and that never happened nor did they ever answer my calls or emails while we were there. This caused a real problem because we had to get laundry done at this point so I had to take time away from family to go sit in a laundromat. The microwave door was broken and while they replaced with another one that was in the apartment, it was clear between the washer/dryer and microwave that they haven’t repaired anything in this place in a while. The gym card also was never available and, again, they never got back to me about this or refunded us money. The good: it was clean, nice location, room for family to spread out.
usرحلة عائلية لمدة ٣ ليلة
جيد جدًا ٨٫٠
Good location, clean, spacious apartment, some things a little dated and worn but good value for location, cleanliness, and space
ca٢رحلة لمدة ليلة مع الأصدقاء
جيد ٦٫٠
Good location, modern, but be ready for surprises
This was our first time in air b&b type place. We had.a bad start to the trip when the mgt office notified us shortly before our arrival that the parking we had pre-reserved was no longer available due to the previous tenant left without returning the parking pass. We had no choice but to park in an outdoor public lot 3 blocks down the street. Most inconvenient with our luggage and 2 kids in tow. The apartment was clean and modern with a great view but there are no services during your stay which was different but ok for us given the discounted price. In future I would prefer paying a bit more to save the hassle of unexpected surprises such as the parking fiasco.
Winnie, caرحلة عائلية لمدة ٣ ليلة
استثنائي ١٠٫٠
Great apartment near Old Montreal
I booked last minute as my flight home was cancelled. Check-in was easy and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space and features available. WiFi worked well, and it is just a block away from Old Montreal with its bistros and attractions. Also right near the Metro so easy to get to the rest of the city as well. Will definitely consider staying again the next time I'm in town!
Darren, caرحلة لمدة ١ ليلة

أولد بورت سويتس باي هوم تروتنج

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