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[kab-in] A Refined Log Cabin in Woodstock, Vermont

وودستوك، VT، USA

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  • Oh my, what a gem. Beautifully situated, tastefully furnished, immaculately clean. We…سبتمبر 12, 2019
  • My husband, kids (4yr & 7yr) and I absolutely loved our stay at the ka-bin and are…يناير 21, 2021

[kab-in] A Refined Log Cabin in Woodstock, Vermont

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Ekiah and Noella Pickett

اللغات المُتحدَّثة: الإنجليزية.


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Ekiah and Noella Pickett

اللغات المُتحدَّثة: الإنجليزية

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  • kab-in Refined Log Cabin Vermont House
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  • [kab-in] A Refined Log Cabin in Woodstock, Vermont Woodstock

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أحدث التقييمات

استثنائي 10.0 من ٢٧ تقييم/تقييمات

استثنائي 10.0
Perfect stay in Woodstock
From making the reservation to check-out, our stay at the Kabin was amazing. No detail was left out, from the fully stocked kitchen to the stacked firewood by the fireplace, we truly felt welcomed the entire length of our 3 weeks stay. The owners are very thoughtful and even checked in with us to make sure we were enjoying our stay and to see if we needed anything. If you are considering a rental home in Vermont, stop looking, this is the place to book.
Angie G., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Great Cabin
The house was even better in person than the pictures suggest. Perfect place for the family to stay.
Andy R., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
The perfect intersection of rustic luxury
[KAB-IN] exceeded our expectations in every way. Not a single detail was overlooked-- from the gorgeous home decor to the specialty aromatherapy soaps down to the branded stationary. This home boasts premium SMEG appliances and Yeti + Thule products to take on your adventures. We will keep this spot on our mind and hope to return again in the future! Thank you Ekiah and Noella for a fabulous stay!!
Tricia B., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Weekend getaway at the Kabin
Absolutely breathtaking! We felt so lucky to have gotten a reservation at this warm and wonderful home! About one mile from downtown Woodstock, but you truly feel like you have the beauty of Vermont to yourself! It slept our group of 7 extremely comfortably, wonderful kitchen utensils and beautiful table perfect for family dinners, amazing sitting area with fireplace and easy-to-use electronics, spacious backyard with an amazing firepit/grill overlooking a serene pond! The furniture, home decor and amenities were spectacular, down to the very last detail! Will be coming back without a question! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!
Erica S., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Perfect getaway
If you are looking for a perfect rustic getaway, this is it. This house could be featured in Architectural Digest, it is just beautiful. The attention to detail is evident throughout. It would be the perfect spot for a family getaway, I can’t wait to come back.
Suzanne H., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Cozy, upscale true log cabin in a great location!
We enjoyed the Kab-In for 4 nights- there were 4 of us. No modern amenity has been overlooked in this property. As these owners gutted and renovated the entire property head to toe you feel as if you have walked into a photo spread for a home design magazine. It’s immaculate, fully outfitted with everything you need, beautiful bed linens, bathrooms and kitchen appliances. There’s a beautiful pond on property in the back which provides beautiful views and great scenery. There are snow shoes to use on property as well. One note, the description of the amenities states there is television, but while there is a TV, there is only access to Netflix and YouTube - no cable. There is WiFi And just about everything else you could possibly think of for a great stay! The property is exactly as it appears in the photos. No surprises! We will surely be back!!
Lori E., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
A perfect stay
To say we enjoyed our experience is an understatement. The property is impeccable. We were so impressed and delighted. There is so much attention to detail. Thank you for a perfect stay!
Daphne B., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Everything we expected and more
We had a great stay at the Kabin over a cold weekend in January. The house is clean, new, and stocked with everything you might need (dishes, ice, wood, etc.). We can't wait to revisit and would highly recommend to others. One note: for some reason, the address isn't correct on Google Maps or Waze. I would suggest the hosts drop a pin for people to navigate to.
Harrison S., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Exceptional, lovely and perfect winter getaway
This home was so lovely, cozy and charming. It's the perfect balance between rustic log cabin and stylish, beautiful interior design. It was very clean and well outfitted with high-end bedding, appliances, furniture, etc. Every detail was covered to create a vacation vibe. The hosts were very accommodating. They are personable, truly cared about our stay and easy to communicate with. We LOVED our weekend at Kab-in! We will be back.
Robin M., usرحلة من نوع آخر
استثنائي 10.0
Excellent stay
The owners really put a lot of thought into this rental and it shows. It is a log cabin with flair, yet they kept some special historical touches to retain its true nature. Everything is updated in the right places. From the gas stove, soapstone counters, thoughtfully placed cozy throws and pillows, to the embroidered robes and lighted amplified mirrors in the bathroom. Water pressure and showers were divine. The bed was Uber cozy and I loved that the pillows all had antimicrobial covers under the pillowcases, just a special touch that is often overlooked. Nights were super quiet and star gazing was especially delightful without any light pollution. This was the cleanest rental I have ever been in, and I am super picky! Location was wonderful. Hard to believe we were about a mile from town. Communication with the owners was seemless and they were always available to answer questions. We frequent Woodstock at least twice a year and this will be our go-to vacation rental from now on. Bravo!
Anastasia S., usرحلة من نوع آخر

[kab-in] A Refined Log Cabin in Woodstock, Vermont